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Sydney Grace x Temptalia - Sneak Peek

I’m so excited to share that Temptalia is collaborating with Sydney Grace on a collection of eyeshadow palettes slated for release in Spring 2021!  The collection includes three eyeshadow palettes (and each has 12 shades): Quintessence, On the Horizon, and Radiant Reflection.

You might be thinking, “Wow, three!” and you’d be right, but frankly, I couldn’t pick just one color story.  I wanted to do something interesting but cohesive, and there were three concepts I had in mind, so when I pitched them… I pitched all three.

To my surprise and utter delight, Sydney Grace was all in!  We even went from 10 shades in each palette to 12 shades to further enhance each palette’s color story. It didn’t help that Sydney Grace sent over so many stunning shades in the first round of color samples that it made it so hard to narrow down selections, so it became a game of addition rather than subtraction!

Quintessence is an ode to space and the night sky.  On the Horizon is my take on neutrals–a little grungy and earthy with some desert inspiration found along the way.  Radiant Reflection is a celebration of color that takes its cues from jewels, rainbows (but intensify the depth and brilliance), and metals.

Here’s a lil’ peek at the first round of color samples Sydney Grace created, which start their lives as loose powders! These were some of the very first swatches I did in the process, and you’ll have to wait and see which ones were tweaked, eliminated, and finalized. 🙂

Sydney Grace x Temptalia - Sneak Peek

Sydney Grace x Temptalia - Sneak Peek

Sydney Grace x Temptalia - Sneak Peek

I thought it was the perfect time to share and announce the collaboration and that I’m working more closely with Sydney Grace through this collaboration, as we’ve reached the point in the process where about half of the colors are finalized–there are 36! shades in total–with most of the remaining shades quite close and only a few that are still in progress. Some of those fully-approved shades are moving into production very soon. The names and placements of the shades have also been finalized and are getting ready to be printed on packaging, so everything is moving full-steam ahead!

I’ll be sharing my dissertation on the whole process, along with more details than you’d ever want to know about each palette, its final color story, and the journey to get to the finish line as we get closer to the release date.

For now, though, here’s a look at one shade, which is finalized, and it is a callback to the first collaboration I ever did, which was with MAC.  I created an emerald green eyeshadow called “Jealousy Wakes” back in 2011, and this is its successor: Jealousy’s Descent.  It’s a rich, emerald green with an intense, metallic shine.  Fun fact: Sydney Grace nailed this shade the very first time.

Sydney Grace x Temptalia - Sneak Peek

Sydney Grace x Temptalia - Sneak Peek

Thank you so much for being part of this journey (and being a large part of why I’m even here!)! I hope that the palettes live up to high expectations I know are set for me 🙂 Stay tuned!

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