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Okay, now that I’ve pulled links and compiled all of the Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives for the 2020 Anniversary Sale, I get to peruse the non-beauty and share what has caught my eye… and pass along any recommendations from products I’ve tried (and loved) before.  I’d love to hear about what you purchased, will be purchasing, what tempted you (but you resisted)…

Products I Purchased + My Thoughts

I shopped the sale when early access began on the 7th!  Here’s what I ended up getting 🙂  I’ll update with any additional thoughts based on what I end up keeping/returning/loving once I have a chance to receive and try (I think some of my order arrives on the 12th!).

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Socks for $19.90 — Dusty Mauve set! I love these (have other styles).  They’re soft, cozy, plush, and comfortable, just as I knew they would be–kept these! Duh!

Caslon High Cuff Henley Top for $28.90 — Henleys are so comfy, so I picked up ones in Pink Bride, Black, and Burgundy Beet.  They’re softer than I expected, not too thick or too thin (anyone who wants one for winter warmth in snowy territory would find it thin), and fit well without being too form-fitting or too loosely-fitting. I kept all three shades I bought.

Caslon Rounded V-Neck T-Shirt for $12.90 — I really like these t-shirts, but I only bought one as the other shades were similar to ones I own and I bought some t-shirts through Target recently.  I’m a fan of these (in general), so this was an obvious keeper.

Commando Butter Bralette for $41.90 — I bought one in Dark Grey. I love some of Commando’s other bralettes, though this one looks like it might be soooo unsupportive. The straps are too thin for me, so I’ll be returning this one.

Flora Nikrooz Floral Print Jogger Pajamas for $48.90 — I’ve always wanted to try this brand (their prints are so pretty), and this was the moment to do so.  It’s a slimmer fit than I’d want for sleepwear, so I might recommend sizing up for this (if you prefer a loose fit for night time).  I’m returning mine, but it was a cute print and made out of soft/comfortable material.

Halogen Crewneck Sweater for $28.90 — Love a good long-sleeve sweater, and I usually have good luck with Halogen, so I bought it in Grey Dark Heather, Pink Compact, and Red Pomegranate.  The fit was just right; not too long and was true-to-size.  The neckline was crew neck without venturing too high up (I’m not a turtleneck gal most of the time).

Halogen Easy Throw-On Cashmere Ruana for $98.90 — I bought one in Burgundy Stem, very curious how this… fits.  I looked so stupid in this! Immediately went into the “return” pile.

Halogen Long Sleeve Modal Blend Tee for $19.90 — I didn’t see these when I initially previewed the sale, so they ended up in a second order! These are super soft — I love, love, LOVE modal.  Received these and love them, as anticipated.

Halogen Tweed Blazer for $79.90 — In Navy-Black Tweed. Hoping it has a good fit!  I always feel like I look like a rug in tweed 🙁  Back it goes.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer + Setting Powder Duo for $59 — Needed another setting powder, and I’ve loved the Veil primer for years, so, duh! Kept this since I’ve already tried the powder and knew I was going to use the duo.

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps for $49 — I bought one for my sister (for her birthday) and one for myself.  This is something I’ve repurchased with each year’s sale.

J. Crew Camo Print Sweater for $64.90 — Ended up being part of a second order; it’s more expensive than I’d like for a top, but it’s the first time camo has called to me…  [waiting on this still]

Le Labo Basil Hand Soap Jumbo for $40 — I love Le Labo’s body scents!  Like in Mean Girls, “moderately priced soaps are my calling.” (Maybe not moderately.)  I have a lot of other soaps in rotation right now, so I haven’t tried it yet but will be using it at some point (so it is being kept!).

Natori Bliss Perfection Soft Cup Bra for $37.90 — Hoping this is a perfect balance of light support and bralette comfort. It does have more support than a typical bralette but feels more like a bralette than a traditional bra.

True & Co. True Body V-Neck Bralette for $29.90 — the wider straps make me hopeful that there’s some support! I bought it in Black and True Mink. These were comfortable and somewhat more supportive than the Commando bralettes I normally wear!

UGG Whistler Throw Blanket for $64.90 — I love, LOVE my Coastline blankets so we shall see if these are similar (they make great gifts); I bought them Slate and Charcoal colors.  This throw is lighter-weight and thinner compared to the Coastline, which has two different types of sides (one smoother, one fluffier).  I can see the Whistler working well for snuggling up and using it as an arm rest while sleeping as it takes up less space in bed compared to the Coastline.  It’s a very soft, cuddly blanket that doesn’t feel thin in a cheap way, just less plush — but someone who wants a light blanket should be happy with it. I’ll be keeping both that I bought.  Apparently, this is one of the hotter items in the sale!

I ended up skipping (or at least, holding off for now) these items…

These were gifts:

Bought for review:

Products I’ve Purchased Previously + Recommend

These are products I’ve indulged in previously, whether on sale or not, that I happily recommend!

Clothes & Accessories

  • Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Circle Cardigan for $76.90 ($116 after sale) — plush enough to be cozy but lightweight enough to work in seasons beyond winter
  • Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Socks for $19.90 ($30 after sale) — two pack of plush, warm socks that feel ultra-soft and almost make slippers redundant
  • BP Cozy Shorts for $15.90 ($25 after sale) — these are so soft, cozy, and have held up really well (I bought a few pairs last sale)… also, pockets.
  • BP Cozy Tops for $24.90 ($39 after sale) — they are the equally soft and cozy long-sleeve tops that work with the Cozy Shorts or Jogger Paints. These are a bit too warm for sleeping outside of fall/winter for me.
  • BP Jogger Pants for $24.90 ($39 after sale) — lightweight but not too thin, available in fun patterns, comfortable for lounging around the house or sleeping, and have POCKETS!!
  • Caslon Drape Collar Knight Blazers for $39.90 ($69 after sale) — these are comfortable, form fitting, and can dress up a more casual outfit while being almost as comfortable as true loungewear
  • Caslon Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirts for $15.90 ($29 after sale) — lightweight, thinner long-sleeve t-shirts that fit well (not too loose but not too form-fitting) and wash well
  • Caslon Rounded V-Neck T-Shirts for $12.90 ($25 after sale) — lightweight, washes and holds up well (I’ll probably pick up a few new colors)
  • Eliza J Dresses (price varies) — there are several gorgeous dresses and rompers as part of the Anniversary sale; Eliza J has been my go-to for well-fitting dresses in fun styles that aren’t too expensive and have held up well over the years
  • Giraffe at Home Robes for $154.90 ($218-$234 after sale) — incredibly soft, plush, and a heftier robe for those who love to indulge
  • Halogen Crewneck Cashmere Sweaters for $57.90 ($98 after sale) — I still have mine from years ago, though I loathe dry cleaning so don’t wear them often these days
  • Halogen V-Neck Tunic T-Shirts for $15.90 ($29 after sale) — if you like a longer, more flowing t-shirt that still has some shape, these are nice!
  • Nordstrom Moonlight Short Pajamas for $29.90 ($49 after sale) — LOVE these pajamas! They’re so soft, lightweight, and sleep cool. I have gifted these to my mom and sister, who also love them. Like my mom, who would never shop at Nordstrom normally (too expensive for her), actually asked for more sets for her birthday.
  • Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas for $42.90 ($65 after sale) — these are the long-sleeved and pants version of the above, so highly recommended.  I have lots of each style, LOL!
  • Rails Hunter Plaid Shirts for $99.99 ($158 after sale) — I really loved the one I bought but couldn’t justify the price point for someone who barely leaves the house under normal circumstances!
  • Wit & Wisdom Jeans (price varies) — I always pick up a pair or two when they’re on sale! They’re stretchy, fairly consistent in sizing from style to style, and hold up fairly well.

Home & Men

  • Giraffe at Home Luxe Throw for $129.90 ($196 after sale) — pretty much the most decadent cozy-related purchase I’ve ever made, but it is plush!! Just make sure to listen to the DRY FLAT portion of the tag.
  • Nordstrom Hydrocotton Towels (price varies by size) — we recently converted most of our towels to Nordstrom as they’re plush, thick but absorbent, they don’t take forever and a day to dry, and more importantly, they have held up after lots of washes!  (Though I kind of want to try the UGG Basel Towels, haha.)
  • Saxx Ultra Boxer Briefs for $20.90 ($32 after sale) — hubby loves these and replaced everything he had with various patterns in this style

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