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In thinking about a “theme” for sharing some more color combination ideas for readers to try, I landed on green. I wanted to pull out greens from past and present palettes, like Natasha Denona Metropolis, Pat McGrath Sublime, and ColourPop Just My Luck, along with some singles from Sydney Grace (which has a slew of greens, but it’s a well-rounded single range, so it’s easy to create combos!). I’ve shared color stories where I built it around one or two green shades along with more all-green looks. I also tried to give a variety of brighter, lime and emerald shades along with more muted and dirtier, olive greens.

As always, color combinations are meant to inspire, and it’s not about whether you have a particular palette or the exact shades but rather putting together depths, undertones, and finishes and inspiring you to try with products you already own! Don’t forget: you can always layer shades together to get something slightly darker, lighter, warmer, cooler, more or less shimmery and so forth.

I’d love to know if any of the color stories caught your eye or if you have a go-to pairing when you want to rock some green eyeshadow(s)!

About This Series

Each look idea is centered around a “quad” of four shades with the expectation that one might bring in the appropriate brow bone or additional transitional shade based on skin tone. I know that I tend to use more like five or six shades in a typical look, but I think that four is a happy medium to give a good idea of the “core” color scheme of a look while giving you the ability to lighten/darken as desired. I have listed the colors in this order: inner lid, middle of lid, outer lid/crease, and crease/above crease.

You might see combinations that seem slightly repeated but placement will vary (e.g. a halo placement where the lightest and more shimmery shade is placed on the center) as placement can also create a different effect/look! You might also want to consider incorporating your favorite matte/shimmer shades (as applicable) to increase the versatility of certain palettes. Consider these ideas a jumping off point!

Create a Color Story

Feeling inspired? Share your own color story using this palette or create a color story from scratch.

Green Mist, Take the Time, Gold Earth, Island Paradise

Tamarind, Savanna, Fata Morgana, Amhara

Sea Foam, Perfect Vacation, Take the Time, Meadow

Rose Dusk, VR Nectar, Blitz Emerald, Xtreme Black

Natasha Denona Metropolis

Helena (275K), Noble (264M), Jubilee (271M), Azoic (270CP)

Sydney Grace Mountain Trail

Escape, To Earth, Trailhead, Wildlife

Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions

Black Widow, Gravity OG, Mean Green, Space Queen

Somber, Cadet, Timber, Enjoy the Ride

Natasha Metropolis Denona

Jubilee (271M), Imperia (265M), Royal (266CP), Lethal (258CP)

Sydney Grace Autumn’s Reign

Wondrous Knight, Fallen Splendor, Sovereign Rain, Brilliant Realm

Natasha Denona Metropolis

Queen (262M), Orium (251DC), Shield (252M), Troop (250CP)

Celebrate, Deep Desire, Levy, Turtle Bay

Mintea, Mojito Mami, Ice Cold, Get Fresh

Sydney Grace Autumn’s Reign

Moonlit Kingdom, Magnificent Chestnut, Fallen Splendor, Majestic Breeze

VR Nectar, Blitz Emerald, Dark, Xtreme Black

Mary Jane, Olive U, 50-50, Mo Bamba

Troops, Recruit, Midnight Gold, Hot Chocolate

Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions

Blue Dream, Mean Green, Space Queen, Grand Daddy

Take the Time, Lemonade, Magenta Dreams, Indiana Love

Astral Solstice, Jubilee, Wicked Envy, Taboo

Levy, Commission, Herky Bird, Midnight

Stranded, Big Sky, Wanderlust, Good as Gone

Mango Tea, Meadow, Bravo, Vanguard

Dominque Cosmetics Rustic Glam

Wanderlust, Bohemian, Moon Child, Cactus

Guilt Trip, Smog, Wanderlust, Punk

Fool’s Gold, Pear Tree, Island Paradise, Summer Heat

ColourPop Through My Eyes

Lucido, Emerald Dream, Moody, Flecks

Sydney Grace Mountain Trail

Back Woods, Rustic, Trailhead, Wildlife

Chances Are, Kiss My Hass, Act Natural, Mo Bamba

Mermaid, Commission, Arabian Nights, French Hens

My Favorite Green Looks

Here are some past looks I’ve worn and loved that feature green, whether a pop of green or all green! You can check out all of the green looks from the community, too!

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