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While beauty might be heading into summer–the sign of new bronzers marks the start of summer!–it’s really the spring season! Pops of color can go a long way to brightening one’s day, whether it’s an item of clothing, some decor, or one’s eye makeup. I was thinking more in the lines of “pastel with pop” when I came up with these color combinations–something more workable and friendlier to more skin tones than true pastels (which can be inconsistent in quality and harder to work with, just in general). Hope you find something that catches your eye enough to try!

About This Series

Each look idea is centered around a “quad” of four shades with the expectation that one might bring in the appropriate brow bone or additional transitional shade based on skin tone. I know that I tend to use more like five or six shades in a typical look, but I think that four is a happy medium to give a good idea of the “core” color scheme of a look while giving you the ability to lighten/darken as desired. I have listed the colors in this order: inner lid, middle of lid, outer lid/crease, and crease/above crease.

You might see combinations that seem slightly repeated but placement will vary (e.g. a halo placement where the lightest and more shimmery shade is placed on the center) as placement can also create a different effect/look! You might also want to consider incorporating your favorite matte/shimmer shades (as applicable) to increase the versatility of certain palettes. Consider these ideas a jumping off point!

Create a Color Story

Feeling inspired? Share your own color story using this palette or create a color story from scratch.

First, Valentine, Dream, Trust

Mojito Mami, Mintea, Ice Cold, Get Fresh

Cabana, Coastline, Monte Carlo, Palm

Green Mist, Sea Foam, Perfect Vacation, Meadow

Continue, Twitch, Player One, 8-Bit

Immortal, Totally Worth It, Eastern Rise, Winter Wonder

Mediterranean, Yacht, Seychelles, Cannes

Mojito Mami, De Menthe, Chill Factor, Get Fresh

Keep It Fun, Mint Green, Golden Peach, Coral Reef

ColourPop Lilac You a Lot

Cloud, Wake Me, Zoned Out, Iffy

Ladies Dancing, Pool Party, Nightfall, Cali

Boheme Dream #2, Boheme Dream #6, Boheme Dream #11, Boheme Dream #10

Lucky Peach, Demure, Collective, Unpredictable

8-Bit, Twitch, Player One, Continue

Spring Fling, Dazzle, Magenta Dreams, Regal

Coy #8, Coy #11, Coy #10, Coy #2

Lemon Cream, Embrace, Celebrate, Narrow Path

Exotic, Mint Frost, Zena, Laguna

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